October 17, 2015

Site Hacked – WordPress Recovery

I hope it never comes to the need for WordPress website recovery.   Many times we can clean up the mess before the need for recovery from a back-up, but other times hackers are not so nice.  We’ve had times we they have deleted target databases when we were in the process of troubleshooting the sites problems.  Luckily a daily back up saved the day.  If your site has been hacked we will drop everything and get you back online as soon as we can.  How you say.  Every hack is a little bit different, so to give you a run down of how we get your site back online is difficult.

After you have given us full access to your WordPress Website (administrator password), FTP password and control panel password.

  1. We will start by looking at your files.
    • Has your .htaccess file been changed recently, make changes as needed.
    • Look at what files have changed or have been added recently.  Delete suspicious files.
  2. Scan the site for suspicious files.
  3. Get your site back online.
    1. Install Security Plugins.
      • Scan and Manually look at files, remove any backdoors.
    2. Update out of date Plugins
    3. Update our of date Themes
    4. Update out of date WordPress Core Software.
    5. Make sure file and folder permissions are correct to insure your sites security.
    6. Removal of your site from search engine Malware blacklists (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
    7. 15 days of security service monitoring and recovery if the hacker regains access.
Price – $450

This service is for a single WordPress Website.

If your site was not hacked but was just broken we will discuss how to proceed, we will start with refunding your payment and only charge you for the time spent bringing your site back online.