October 17, 2015

WordPress Optimization

So you may not know this but your wordpress site is going to slow down the more content you add and the more plugins you add.  But do not despair we can help “optimization”.

Depending on how much content you have and how often content is added your site / database needs to be optimized.   Databases need to be optimized, WordPress is run off a database.  Before we optimize your site we create a site back-up.   We will look at the size of the tables and determine if you are using the correct storage engine.  Most times the default storage engine is fine, but if your site is running slowly it may be the cause.  We may also determine that your host is not sufficient to the amount of traffic you are receiving.

1st Database Optimization Price – $149
Renewed Database Optimization Price – $49

In our inspection of your site it may be determined that your WordPress Website is running slowly for different reasons.  After reviewing your site and doing the Database Optimization we will send you a detailed problem report and a plan to fix the problem.

The most common cause is non-optimized images.  If you are uploading full size images you are slowing the load times of your potential customers.  This too may be fixed, please contact us to discuss and receive a quote.